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We create innovative solutions and provide our clients with the necessary expertise and long term support for their eCommerce projects to be successful.

We create lasting value from genius and experience. 

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Our Services


We have been building successful IT systems and websites for over 20 years. Our wide ranging commercial experience enables us to quickly grasp the essence of a business problem and contribute towards a practical solution.

Project Management

As experienced project managers we recognise that both large and small projects present unique challenges.  We are creative and always manage the process to best suit our clients needs.


We provide multi-language systems which enable our clients to sell their products or services to global markets and distributed teams to collaborate more efficiently. We act globally, connect locally and we speak your language.

Training & Support

We know that the implementation of a new system is only the start of a long journey and close relationship with our clients. We provide the initial user training and 1st 2nd and 3rd level technical support services which ensure smooth and successful business operations. 

​how we work

Our Process

1 | Briefing

We start with a collaborative kick-off meeting, gathering all requirements and expectations to define project goals and establish a shared vision.

2 | Sitemap

Together we create a visual sitemap that outlines the structure and hierarchy of the website to be developed.

3 | Wireframes

We develop wireframes that serve as the blueprint for the user interface, defining the layout and functionality of key pages.

4 | Design

We craft aesthetically pleasing designs that bring the wireframes to life, incorporating branding elements and user-friendly visuals.

5 | Development

We build the core functionality of the website that is seamlessly integrated with the website builder and the Odoo-Apps, transforming concepts into a fully functional and integrated system.

6 | Testing

Together we make sure that everything works as it should, ensuring a smooth user experience.

7 | Implementation

Our experts help you with setting up all products for your eCommerce.

8 | Training

We provide training and support to ensure that you can effectively use and maintain the website.

9 | Support

We offer ongoing support to answer every question you might have.

Customised to your needs

Extra Features

We can help you integrate powerful Odoo Apps into your website.

all fully integrated with Odoo!

Find the perfect solution for your needs

Whether you need a full service design and build package,  a custom template or technical coaching & training for your team we can help you successfully build your website with Odoo.