Tech Support & Web Dev

The Cloud, Outernational

Goals 2023-2024

  • Support Client Projects 
  • Learn Odoo  
  • Learn Python, JavaScript, PostGres

Main Tasks & Responsibilities 

  • 1st Level Support Bug Fixing & Troubleshooting with clients
  • Data Imports/Exports
  • Liaise with Consultants and Client to assist with simple change requests
  • Testing, QA & code reviews with Senior Developer 
  • SysAdmin & Configuration of Odoo, WordPress, Shopify


  • Computer Science/Business Student with Interest in eCommerce & Online business
  • Motivated, self starter, “odoo? can do! yes we do!” Yes I can!
  • Willing to learn, try new things and help the company grow
  • Fluent in English. Knowledge of 2nd and 3rd EU language advantageous
  • Some Experience of:
    • Python & JavaScript & PHP
    • MySQL, Postgres other databases
    • XML, HTML, CSS
    • WordPress / WooCommerce
  • Pre Requisite: Owner/operator: Laptop/computer & smartphone
  • Be able and willing to work remotely & online (alone)
  • Also suitable for willing applicants at Trainee Level
  • Reports to Technical Project Manager 
  • Home office / Online,  hours, scheduled to suit.
    • 6 Months discovery & learning period with possible long term development within the company. 
    • Progression to Apprenticeship as Software Developer or System Admin possible.


Technical & Development
Marketing & Communication
Sales Support
Project Management

What you’ll love about the Job

Unique and exciting projects

A growing portfolio of great clients provide us with unique problems which we love to solve.

Young and diverse team

Different people bring their unique genius, ideas and experience into the team which helps us provide great solutions.

Agile work culture

We are interested in results and the quickest ways to achieve them. 

Outernational Team

We are a global company working outside of time and space.

Flexible working hours

Always client focussed and results oriented we set our own times to get the work done.

Flat hierarchies

The world is not flat but our organigram is.

W​hy Work with Us?

 What do our team say about working at Octic?

Leslie - Consultant

" I like working with Octic because I get to learn new, challenging skills that are relevant to today’s world, the team is fantastic and the pay is generous. More importantly, I still have enough freedom to pursue my hobbies and passions. Having an optimal work/life balance is very important to me, and I get all of this with Octic!"

 Felix - Junior Developer

"If somebody would have told me a year ago that  I can work while travelling, choosing my own working hours while still working in a young and motivated team on exciting projects I probably would have called the person crazy.. But Octic makes it possible!"

Ollie - CEO

"Odoo and Octic allows me to follow a dream to help everyone do great work, be the best they can be and live their best lives. I'm happy to work in an awesome team, where we all enjoy using our creativity with amazing software, serving great clients ."