We create innovative solutions and provide our clients with the necessary expertise and long-term support for their eCommerce projects to be successful.  At Octic, we take pride in our commitment to excellence and innovation in every project we undertake. This page serves as a testament to our dedication, showcasing a comprehensive collection of our past and ongoing work. With a diverse portfolio spanning various industries and disciplines, we invite you to explore our previous projects to gain insight into the depth and breadth of our capabilities.

Our Projects

Spiderbeam GmbH

From day one, Octic supported Spiderbeam with its first website and ecommerce system. 18 years later in 2019 the decision was taken to invest in a new ERP system which was future proof and could enable the next level of growth. The new Odoo system went into production on 1st January 2023. Click here to continue reading ...

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LRG International

LRG International is a dynamic, creative agency who specialise in developing and delivering engaging branded merchandise services to global brands. 

Octic provide training, support and design services with the Accounting, Sales, Inventory & Website apps.

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Apis Assay Technologies Ltd

Apis Assay is a BioTech company that provides bespoke solutions to client's Assay Development and Bioinformatics & Software Development RFIs. The three main workstreams of their business are: Contract Assay Development, Bioinformatics & Biodata Engineering, Biomarker Industrial R&D

Octic provides consulting services for their Odoo Inventory and Manufacturing System.

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4x4 Works - Kralium Ltd

4x4 Works are the largest and best known UK importer and supplier of high-grade specialist 4x4 and off road parts. Their customers include overland explorers, agriculture, civil, emergency services, commercial and domestic users.

Octic provide business analysis, conception, project management, Odoo implementation services, custom integration with WooCommerce, parts catalog data imports & custom software modules

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Alexara Itd

Alexara is a brand name of Gill Design Studio - garment manufacturers who fulfill all aspects of business, including design, sourcing, fabrics, sampling and production from their 30,000 sq. ft. purpose-built factory in the UK.

Octic provide Gill Design Studio with consulting, project management & software development services as well as training and support for their Inventory, barcode, sales apps

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Beasily UG

Beasily is a creative organisation, founded and based in Germany, who work with young people to realise a range of music, theater and creative engagement projects. 

Octic provide training, support and design services with the Website, CRM, Social Media, Email Marketing apps

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Boss Building Plastics

Boss Building Plastics are a small family run business dedicated to providing excellent customer service. Over 17 years of knowledge in various sectors of the industry and a passion for service combined with their extensive use of different Odoo apps allows them to provide a cost effective, next day, free of charge delivery service to local tradesmen.

Octic provides Boss Building Plastics with export technical support services.

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