What are the benefits of integration from the Odoo email marketing, social marketing and CRM apps?
20 September, 2023 by
Web Dev
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1. Create targeted campaigns: With Odoo email marketing, social marketing, and CRM apps, you can create tailored campaigns that effectively reach the right audiences and promote engagement. 

2. Automate marketing processes: Automate processes such as scheduling, collecting customer data, and segmenting target audiences to save you time and increase productivity. 

3. Consolidate customer profiles: Integration of all apps makes it easier to track customer interactions across channels and provides a unified view of customer information. 

4. Track customer behavior: Automatically track customer behavior across all channels and data points to gain insight into customer needs and preferences. 

5. Increase revenue: Boost revenue with personalized offers and integrated cross-sell and upsell features to increase Average Order Values (AOVs).

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